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RTSoft was founded in 1992. Since that time RTSoft has gained a reputation of an innovative, fast developing engineering company which is capable of providing the most suitable technical solutions to any customer. The company’s goal is launching to the Russian market innovative and forward-looking world technologies of automation and embedded solutions.

RTSoft company provides delivery and integration of the wide range of baseline hardware and software as well as develops software for industrial, telecommunication, defense and specialized systems. Company’s specialists ensure qualified technical support and professional consulting services.

RTSoft activities are implemented on the basis of the developed network of its regional branches as well as technical and engineering centers in different regions of Russia. RTSoft has a manufacturing base of its own and R&D center which are equipped with the foremost test equipment tooling. More than 600 employees work with RTSoft and its regional branches now.

RTSoft has established long-term reliable partnership with the world leaders in the field of software and hardware production. At the same time RTSoft has created and actively promotes the network of the Russian partners – system integrators and offers various partner programs for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Main business areas of RTSoft include:

  • development, delivery and integration of hardware and software (embedded computer systems);

  • development of specialized and customized software;

  • development of automated information and control systems for industrial and energy automation;

  • development and production of electronic hardware, including prototypes.

RTSoft offers solutions for different businesses: electric power industries, nuclear power industries, oil and gas industries, metallurgy, transportation, instrument engineering, IT, telecommunications, railway industries, utilities and building automation, specialized solutions.

RTSoft solutions are based on cutting-edge hardware and software technologies – both foreign and domestic, as well as the company’s in-house research and production. Thanks to effective cooperation with Russian and foreign partners, international associations and standardization organizations, the company offers its customers the best equipment and innovative solutions that meet international quality standards.

RTSoft performs a wide range of scientific, technological, engineering and production tasks: concept development, standard and technology development, design, production and implementation of new solutions, systems and PTCs. The Russian committee D2 of RNC CIGRE – “Information systems and telecommunications” was created on the basis of the company.

Uniquely competent personnel, deep knowledge of the specifics of different sectors of the economy and acquisition of all necessary licenses and certificates, including TÜV NORD CERT of compliance with ISO 9001: 2008, ensure a high level of service provided by RTSoft.